Semester Curriculum Structure: RS&GIS FoS has implemented new Semester Curriculum from August 2003. Courses offered for the August and January semesters are described with individual course outline. Whether a course required or elective is indicated with ‘R’ or ‘E’, respectively. The courses offered are basically for the master degree level nevertheless the doctoral degree students will share the same courses. The teaching philosophy is that a student will spend the first semester investigating the basic principles of Remote Sensing and GIS. In the second semester, more advance courses will be offered. The third semester focuses on tools and techniques in Remote Sensing technology and at the same time the students develop their individual thesis or research proposals Thesis or Research: The students will spend considerable time to conduct thesis, research or dissertation research. For the research topic the students have the freedom to choose the direction of their studies with close consultations with the respective advisor(s).

Time Table : August 2017

Courses Offers Jan 2017

AT76.9038 Positioning and Location-Based Services Technology 1(3-0)

  • ID: 2315

Course Objective: The objective of this course aims at providing students with knowledge and understanding about Location-Based Services (LBSs) technology. The fundamentals and operation of LBSs will be taught to obtain an understanding of its systems, methods and standards. The key…

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AT76.9037 Principles and Application of InSAR

  • ID: 2313

Course Objective: This course will introduce the students to the principles and applications of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR). It includes the sensor technology, platforms and data portals to retrieve data. An overview of Differential InSAR (DInSAR) principle processing techniques and…

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AT76.9030 Aerospace Technology

  • ID: 2215

AT76.9030 Aerospace Technology 2(2-0) Semester: August Rationale: Aerospace technology is being developed so fast that the latest information as well as general basic knowledge should be provided so as to apply them to the practical application of GIS, Remote Sensing, ICT,…

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AT76.9029 Introduction to Global Navigation Satellite Systems

  • ID: 2212

AT76.9029 Introduction to Global Navigation Satellite Systems 1(1-0) Semester: August Course Objective: The aim of this course is to introduce the principles of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and to demonstrate its applications to various aspects of location-based services…

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AT76.9026 Introduction to Spatial Information Engineering

  • ID: 2209

AT76.9026 Introduction to Spatial Information Engineering 1(1-0) Semester: August Course Objective: The course aims at providing basic introduction and concept of spatial information engineering to students with an insight into both academic knowledge and practical skills at the entry level,…

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AT76.9021 Web GIS Technology

  • ID: 2204

AT76.9021 Web GIS Technology 2 (1-3) Semester: August Rationale: This course aims at providing students with principles of Web GIS technology which is being implemented in various purposes and used as one of the most common and effective way to…

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AT7603_Remote Sensing

  • ID: 2132

AT76.03 Remote Sensing 3 (2-3) Semester: January/August Course Objective : The objective of this course aims at providing the knowledge and understanding of the principles of Remote Sensing (RS) technology, the tool to obtain information on the earth from deci-meter level…

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  • ID: 2131

AT76.01 Geographic Information Systems 3 (2-3) Semester: August / January Rationale: This course introduces principles, concepts and applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS): a decision support tool for planners and managers of spatial information. Database development, manipulation and spatial analysis…

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