advance_gis_courseAdvanced ArcGIS Desktop Tools & Functionality


ArcGIS is the leading GIS software and is used by almost 80 percent of the GIS community. The aim of the 5 day course is to introduce the participants to advanceconcepts and GIS and to implement these concepts in ESRI’s ArcGIS software. Beginning with a discussion of general concepts and vocabulary, the course will move into teaching advanced ArcGIS functionality. Each participant will have their own computer workstation to create, edit, display and analyze real world environmental data during numerous hands-on exercises. At the end of the course the participant is provided will all the sample data and exercise notes for future reference.


Online Data Cataloging
Creating a WMS
Geostatistical Analysis
Tool Development using VB.Net
DEM Creation
Data Acquisition from Google Earth
Model Building
Mobile Tools


Apply a conceptual overview of GIS and spatial analysis to environmental data
Understand and utilize the advanced capabilities ArcGIS 9
Introduction and implementation of Web GIS
Create interpolated surfaces using different interpolation methods
Use of tools to analyse interpolation methods
Use of KML as spatial data
Development of mobile tool for data collection in field

Intended Audience:

This hands-on course is intended for environmental and graphics professionals involved with the collection, interpretation, and presentation of spatially related data. Attendees will gain an understanding of how to utilize the advanced capabilities of ArcGIS by working first-hand on sample scenarios. Previous GIS experience is not required.


Dr. Nitin K. Tripathi
Course Coordinator